Our eviction assistance package is carried out as follows:

  • We ensure that all locks to ALL external doors are changed on a like for like basis at the time of possession prior to leaving site.
  • All doors to garages and out building will have the locks changed or secured with padlocks and hasp and staples.
  • On completion of the lock change we will supply 2 sets of keys to the marketing agent or representative of the client.
  • All broken windows allowing access to the property will be boarded up.
  • All letter boxes and animal access points (e.g. cat-flaps) will be sealed.
  • All mains services will be isolated, Gas, Water, Electric and oil supply’s and all heating systems drained down.
  • All internal and external taps will be left open.
  • DO NOT USE and DANGER signs will be erected and all meter readings will be documented.
  • All perishable goods will be disposed of.
  • All outside water containers will be drained down as a health and safety precaution.
  • Photographic evidence will be taken of all work carried out.


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