We carry out safety and security surveys for a number of major organisations and individuals for many purposes, including insurance evaluation, crime prevention, home and workplace security and general peace of mind.

Our security surveys are recommended for residential and commercial premises alike. All insurance companies require a certain standard of security at your premises for your insurance to be valid. If your locks do not meet British standards and you have areas of vulnerability, in the event of a break-in, your insurance company may not pay out.

Regulation 14 Surveys:
On the 1st of January, 1996 it became a legal requirement that all work-place glazing met the minimum standards of impact performance levels of safety glazing.

If you have not taken steps to make sure you meet these standards you may be subject to harsh penalties, and if an accident occurred, claims may not be covered by insurance.

You are required as an occupier (not necessarily the building owner) to first undertake a glazing safety survey. This assumes that you are qualified to identify glazing types, areas of risk to employees and visitors to your premises, and of course interpret the regulations appropriately.

We carry out Regulation 14 surveys on a frequent basis, and can provide the relevant report for your organisation.


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